Advantages of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Oahu to Handle Settlement Negotiations

by | May 27, 2019 | Auto Accident Attorney

For people who have been seriously injured by the negligence of a commercial truck driver, the first step toward financial compensation is filing a claim with the driver’s or company’s insurer. Hiring a truck accident lawyer in Oahu may become necessary if the insurance company offers a settlement the injured person believes is too low.

Typically, property damage has also occurred. The person’s vehicle may have been totaled, since crashes between commercial and passenger vehicles commonly cause severe damage to the smaller one. Delays in insurance payments can make a difficult situation even worse when the personal transportation has been lost.

Consulting a Lawyer

Scheduling a complimentary consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Oahu soon after the collision is advisable, even if the person eventually decides not to hire an attorney. The lawyer can evaluate the case and answer questions this person has.

Problem Behavior

The accident rate for over-the-road truck drivers has not considerably decreased since the federal mandate for tracking their driving hours has been implemented. In theory, keeping hours driven to a certain number should stop excessive fatigue. Unfortunately, many drivers seem to be taking the unsafe step of traveling faster than they used to in order to meet their scheduled appointment obligations. This can be a disaster in several types of circumstances, such as bad weather conditions and heavy traffic congestion.

Financial and Personal Consequences

The person and the family are facing piles of unpaid medical bills since their own automotive and health insurance may not cover everything. Being unable to work decimates the family income. In addition, the injured person is usually dealing with significant pain and at least some level of temporary disability.

Settlement Negotiations

Nearly always, the insurance company pays a settlement instead a jury deciding the amount to be awarded to an injured person. However, settlement negotiations can be frustrating for someone who is not skilled and experienced in these matters. Especially when someone is dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident, having an attorney such as Yoshida & Associates to handle those negotiations is a relief. Information on this particular lawyer can be found at

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