How Bail Agents in Upper Marlboro MD Help Defendants Regain Their Freedom

by | May 29, 2019 | Bail Agent

Unfortunately, in states that do not have bail bond agencies, people who have been arrested and charged with a crime sometimes wait in jail for months because they cannot afford bail. Bail agents in Upper Marlboro MD help defendants in that state regain their freedom before trial by posting a bail bond in exchange for a service fee.

Alternatives to Cash Bail

Instead of cash bail, the court sometimes accepts a lien on real estate or even the title to a vehicle if it is not currently being financed. However, many people who have been arrested don’t own real estate and their vehicle may not be worth very much. Many also are still making car payments, so they do not have a clear title to provide as collateral to the court. Bail Agents in Upper Marlboro MD provide another option.

Defendants who have not been charged with a serious crime might be released on their own recognizance. In some instances, law enforcement officers may simply issue a citation for the defendant to appear in court in regard to the offense. The person is never actually arrested, even though he or she is charged with criminal activity. This could be expected for certain misdemeanors, but not for crimes involving violence or threats of violence.

Applying for a Bond

Most of the time, however, defendants are required to pay some form of bail or have a bond posted by an organization such as Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency. Usually a family member or close friend applies for the bond and signs the paperwork, becoming the customer of the agency.

Important Considerations

After the defendant’s release, he or she must appear at all scheduled court hearings and at trial, or an arrest warrant will be issued. This time, the person will most likely not be allowed out on bail. When an individual is out of jail because of a bail bond, the agent commonly provides a certain level of supervision to make sure this does not happen. For example, the agent might call the defendant or the client regularly to make sure everything is on track. Contact Us to find out more about one particular bail bonds agency.

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