Advantages of Teeth Cleaning in California MD

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Dental Care

Plaque is a phenomenon that inevitably appears on teeth. This biofilm is made up of billions of microorganisms that generate a metabolism involving the conversion of carbohydrates into acids and cytotoxic agents. It is these aggressive substances that generate cavities and inflammation of the gums, thus, resulting in periodontitis and gingivitis.

Even with serious dental care, most people fail to reach all the spaces where these bacteria spread. The role of specialized practitioners is to find and remove this “hidden” biofilm using brushes, floss, hand tools, ultrasound, and other instruments. Professional Teeth Cleaning in California MD is particularly useful in cases of gingivitis and periodontitis and should be performed every three to six months, depending on the patient.

Why opt for a professional dental cleaning?

Regular professional dental cleaning is particularly important for elderly patients because people’s teeth become longer with age – thus increasing the area vulnerable to bacterial growth. On the other hand, this phenomenon can be because people stop proper oral hygiene. In addition, in many cases, a person’s metabolism regresses with age (for various reasons: chronic diseases, drugs, etc.) which increases the risk of decay and periodontitis.

Some people are more exposed to the lack of vitamin D, which also increases the risk of periodontitis. A yearly evaluation and the possible need for substitutes are also very effective in the treatment of this bone disease. Studies have shown that children and adults who routinely clean their teeth professionally see a reduction in the rate of decay and periodontitis by 30% to 80%.

Dental care and oral health advice

Cavities and periodontitis are mainly due to civilizational factors. This is why an evolutionary adaptation of food is essential to prevent this issue. Fresh fruits and vegetables, low carbohydrates, regular meal times, and a reasoned lifestyle offer the best guarantee for a healthy mouth.

The other elementary aspect for disease prevention is optimal and consistent dental care. The role of the dentist and assistant is to remove hard or soft dental plaque and to provide the patient with the tools to prevent the formation of biofilm and dental calculus. In case of bad breath, it is advisable to take special care on the surface of the tongue with tools designed for this purpose. Visit us for more information.

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