Aircraft Stripping Can Be Done Efficiently with Crushed Glass Blasting Media

When it comes to commercial and private airliners, there are a lot of things to consider. Unless you are in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), one of the last things anyone thinks about is the paint job on the plane. But paint can play an important role for aircraft parts.

For one, peeling or chipped paint doesn’t look good. For commercial airliners especially, that initial look can change perceptions of passengers. That’s not even mentioning the potential fuel implications that hanging paint chips can have, which is where crushed glass blasting media comes in.

Crushed Glass Blasting

What is crushed glass blasting media? It is the glass mix of product used in the process of removing paint from an airliner. Using blast media can be a time-consuming and expensive if the right material and tools are not used. Think of it like sandblasting in an industrial setting: an abrasive blown at high speeds that chips paint away without doing damage to the surface of the substrate below.

Efficient, Effective, Environmentally Friendly

Glass blast media is composed entirely of 100% recycled material, can be reused, and can be recycled. Even better, it can directly replace just about any hard abrasive that is not environmentally friendly or even dangerous to breathe. That includes coal slag, lava, Olivine, silica-sand, and even aluminum oxide. Using glass or plastic blast media has proven to deliver a more effective paint stripping experience, saving time and effort.