Get Your Government Phones in Oklahoma

Having a cell phone is essential in today’s society. It allows you to easily keep in touch with children or aging family members to keep them safe and ensures you can maintain employment by allowing you to contact your employer if you can’t get to work. However, not everyone can afford one. With government phones in Oklahoma, you can get the cell phone you need, along with a talk, text, and data plan, at no cost to you.

How Do You Qualify?

The first step in the process is determining whether you qualify for free government phones in Oklahoma. The guidelines to program eligibility are straightforward. Any individual who requires other government assistance or meets income requirements can get a free phone and plan to ensure they can stay in touch. If you already use one of several government assistance programs, such as Section 8 housing assistance, Medicaid, and food stamps, you automatically qualify. Households with combined incomes at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines are also eligible for this program.

A Simple Approval Process

The process to get approved for free government phones in Oklahoma is simple. Once you determine your eligibility, you can easily sign up through a local provider to give you access to these benefits. The provider has a list of available phones you can choose from to ensure you get something that meets your needs. While you won’t find any big brand phones on the list, all of them are reliable and give you access to the communication methods you need. You will also get a free plan that includes talk, text, and data.

If you’re ready to apply for free government phones in Oklahoma, visit the Infiniti Mobile website to get started.