Arizona’s Mobile Dentist Service Helps Seniors Take Care of Their Mouths

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Dentist

Seniors have a very difficult time making and keeping appointments. Arizona has a very large population of seniors because many retirees move here for the dry heat. To help seniors find affordable dental care for seniors in Sun City West, AZ, one dentist clinic decided to take their services to the mobile level. This clinic roams around on wheels and stops at seniors homes to make it easier for older patients to receive good dental care.

How Mobile Dental Clinic Makes Affordable Dental Care for Seniors in Sun City West, AZ

Seniors who still drive don’t have to worry about finding money to fill their gas tanks. Seniors who don’t drive don’t have to worry about finding a taxi or other expensive transportation to get to their appointments. They just call the mobile dental clinic and request a visit. There’s no charge for the mobile dental clinic to roll up in front of a house or pull in the driveway.

Clinic Takes Most Forms of Insurance and Medicare Too

Seniors who are concerned about dental costs or the cost of dentures don’t have to worry. The mobile dental clinic takes most insurance, including Medicare. It helps keep costs of dental care low for those that otherwise might not be able to afford care. That is a comforting thought to most seniors who are often on restricted monthly budgets.

Seniors Feel Safer Receiving Care at Home

Seniors feel safer receiving care at home. They know their homes are just a step outside the dental trailer.

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