Obtain a Free Government Assistance Phone in the US With Lifeline Service

Finding the money to pay for a smartphone can be challenging if you’re trying to afford food and shelter each month. Fortunately, a government assistance phone is available via a Lifeline service for individuals like you who are in this position. As long as you are currently receiving help from other government assistance programs, you’ll be eligible to receive one and obtain the ability to text, talk and use data for free through the Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) Program.

Would You Like To Receive Help With Communication Costs?

Paying for a smartphone can be challenging if you are on a low income. Being in this position will likely mean it’s unaffordable for you to communicate with friends or family due to the high cost of cell phone services. Changing this position to a positive one can be completed by obtaining a government assistance phone. The Lifeline service allows you to obtain a free smartphone if you meet eligibility requirements.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements To Receive a Free Smartphone

Qualifying for Lifeline service can be done if you participate in a government assistance program. Examples of these programs include Medicaid, Supplement Security Income (SSI) and SNAP. You can also meet eligibility requirements for Lifeline if you have a total household income that’s at or below your state’s Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Providing You the Ability To Communicate With Friends and Family

Having access to family and friends via a smartphone can be healthy. The government understands this solution can be challenging to obtain and wants low-income individuals to have the opportunity to reach out to their loved ones whenever they like. If you’re in this position and want to learn more about receiving a free phone from the Lifeline service and unlimited text, talk and data from the EBB Program, visit Infiniti Mobile at https://infinitimobile.com/ today.