Bail Bonding Services in Watauga Reduce Some of the Problems With Pretrial Detention

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Being held in jail before trial, legally known as pretrial detention, can have significant negative effects on men and women charged with a crime but not yet convicted. Their financial situation is just one example since they cannot go to work while held behind bars. Bail Bonding Services in Watauga help some defendants be released quickly so they can return to their homes and their jobs.

Some states do not have bail bond agencies, so defendants do not have that option. Defendants and their families also must be able to pay the fee for the bonding service, which is usually 10 percent of the cash bail. Low-income men and women may have to languish behind bars until trial.

Relevant Statistics

A report from the Brookings Institution states that a full two-thirds of men and women in U.S. jails are in pretrial detention. The Prison Policy Initiative reports a number even higher: 80 percent. One aspect of economics associated with pretrial detention is the enormous amount of tax money it costs to incarcerate people who have not been convicted. The Pacific Standard estimates that cost at $15 billion per year.

More than half a million jail inmates throughout the nation are pretrial detainees, according to the Prison Policy Initiative. The Open Society Justice Initiative reports that in any given year, some 10 million defendants are held in jail at least briefly. Many of these individuals have been arrested on nonviolent charges and they pose no threat to society. They may be able to secure release with the assistance of an agency like Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds.

Impact on Employment

This situation has a serious negative impact on the ability of defendants to stay employed with their current organization and to find a job upon release. If that happens, they may start having to rely on government benefits like food support, subsidized housing and welfare payments. This puts an additional burden on taxpayers.

Increased Recidivism

Pretrial detention also is connected with a tendency for individuals to commit another offense, legally known as recidivism. Agents providing Bail Bonding Services in Watauga understand these issues and want to help defendants be released as soon as possible.

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