Benefits That You Can Reap From Buying Organic Food in Salt Lake City

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Health & Medical, Healthcare Related

Organic food is a type of food that is produced without bio-engineered genes, synthetic pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers. If you want to live healthier, then you should consider buying organic food. There are several ways that you can benefit from going to an organic food store Salt Lake City.

Fewer Pesticides

Conventional agriculture requires the use of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. The residue will remain on the food that you eat. Because organic food uses fewer pesticides, you will ingest less of them.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Many people do not realize that their food has a lot of unnecessary chemicals. Many food chemicals have been linked to health problems. For example, Yellow 5 is an ingredient that is found in many non-organic foods. This has been linked to ADHD in children. You will be able to avoid harmful chemicals if you buy organic food.


Organic food is fresher than non-organic food. The reason that the food is fresher is because it does not have any preservatives.

Tastier Food

Not only is organic food better for you, but it can also taste better. Organic means that the food is derived from living organisms. That is why many people believe that organic food tastes better.

No Antibiotics

There are many risks associated with feeding antibiotics to livestock. Antibiotics can increase the risk of mad cow disease. It can also lead to antibiotic resistance. Livestock are free to roam outdoors, which means that they are healthier.

Avoid Food Hormones

The hormones that are used in food are having an adverse effect on human health. They are causing children to go into puberty earlier in their life. Too much estrogen can also increase the risk of cancer.

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