Basement Wall Repair In Little Rock, AR, Will Add Stability To Your Home Or Business

The basement of a building must be stable for the entire structure to be safe. Shifting of the basement walls can cause bowing, cracks, and other problems in the foundation as well as other problems throughout a home. The structural integrity of a building begins with a stable foundation.

Basement wall repair Little Rock, AR can be performed by an experienced company and provide a building with the structural integrity it needs. If a building has damaged basement walls, the value of the structure will be reduced. In addition, a building with foundation damage might be difficult to sell until the damage is repaired.

Camouflaging Foundation Problems

An owner should never try to camouflage basement problems by trying to fix it themselves. If a water problem isn’t properly fixed, there’s no amount of paint, epoxy, or paneling that can eliminate the dampness, mold, and foul smells that can develop. When there’s a problem with a foundation, a company that has experience with basement wall repair Little Rock, AR should be immediately contacted.

Bracing Walls

Once a foundation wall begins to bow, it’s incredibly important to have it stabilized with I-beams. These beams can be placed approximately five feet apart and will be mounted on the floor. The beams are bolted to the floor joists to secure the wall.

Straightening A Wall

When a basement wall is severely bowed, a more aggressive approach will need to be taken to correct the problem. Severe bowing in the wall will require excavation around the foundation, and a hydraulic jack will be used to push the wall back into position. After the wall is straight, the beams will be bolted to the floor joist to create a wall that was stronger than before.

Helical Tiebacks

Another method for securing walls of a foundation are helical tiebacks. These tiebacks are used to brace a wall and require a hole being drilled in the wall to stabilize and straighten a failing basement wall.