Buying a Used Harley in Chicago: Tips to Ensure You Do Not Get Burned

When buying a used Harley, it is sometimes difficult to determine the wheat from the chaff. Harleys have a high theft rate, and sometimes stolen bikes that have sustained some damages are sold to unsuspecting buyers. If you are looking to purchase a used Harley in Chicago, it is imperative you follow the below recommended tips to ensure you do not get burned.

Check the VIN Number

Before moving forward with a purchase, check the VIN to make sure it was not altered in any way. Some unscrupulous sellers stamp over VINs to make stolen bikes appear legitimate. If you do not know how altered VINs appear, take a picture of factory-stamped numbers for comparison.

Bring Along a Mechanic to Examine the Bike

Once you have verified that the VIN has not been altered, you must bring a mechanic with you who is familiar with motorcycles. The mechanic will inspect the bike you want to purchase in detail to ensure it has not been ridden too hard, is not leaking any fluid, and has not sustained any damage from a crash. The mechanic will also notify you of any problems with the motor or the bike’s wiring.

To ensure you purchase your dream bike from a reputable source, work with a dealer. Dealers have a vested interest in guaranteeing all their bikes are top-quality to maintain a good reputation. For a quality used Harley in Chicago, check out Chicago Cycles Motorsports.