Northwestern Hair: Discreet Hair Restoration Specialists

Almost 70% of all men will experience noticeable hair loss as a natural, but unwelcome, part of aging, with almost 25% seeing the first signs of hair loss before age 21! Even women aren’t spared the less than encouraging hair loss statistics, as almost half of women will lose hair to aging as well. Hair restoration is a huge industry, though it wasn’t always a successful one. After decades of research, scientists have finally gotten to a point where going bald sometimes can be a choice!

Direct Hair Implantation

Northwestern Hair is pioneering a new approach to the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair restoration surgery. With traditional FUE, the patient has a spot of existing hair, usually along the back of the head, shaved to make the donor follicles easy to access. Unfortunately, that shaved section is an obvious signal of hair restoration surgery until it grows back in, and it can have a patchy appearance for a while. Direct Hair Implantation allows the specialists at Northwestern Hair to more discreetly move donor follicles to the bald, or balding, regions of the scalp. Not only is there no shaving required, but direct hair implantation creates a higher yield for donor follicles as more will survive, and successfully grow in the new region of the scalp.

Hair Restoration Specialists

The experts at Northwestern Hair have over 20 years of experience and are able to design looks that will last the test of time. Book a consultation at today!