Cake Decorators: 3 “Must Have” Baking Tools for Your Decorating Projects

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Shopping & Fashion

Whether your cake decorating is a full-time job, hobby, or talent that you use for the occasional special event, having the right tools saves time and helps you create amazing pieces of art. Here are the three tools that you should have in your cake decorating kit.

Rotating Cake Stand

Decorating a masterpiece can take hours and days. You want to sit or stand comfortably as you work in the frosting and decorations. A rotating stand lets you move the cake while you remain stationary. You can also perfect details along the bottom of the cake better than having it sit on a table.

Offset Spatula

The offset spatula serves two purposes. It helps you spread cake batter in pans evenly, and it is also used for applying frosting to cakes. If you use a straight spatula, you risk getting frosting on your hands and causing imperfections in the finish.

Frosting and Icing Storage

Cake decorating requires you to use several colors of frosting. If you leave the frosting in open containers, it can dry out and be difficult to use through decorating tips. Store your frosting and icing in containers to retain the moisture.

Where to Find the Baking Tools You Need for Cake Decorating

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