What You Should Know About CBD Oil Products for Pets in San Antonio, TX

by | Feb 12, 2020 | CBD Products

CBD oil is becoming a popular resource for humans and animals alike. If you are curious about CBD products for your pet, here’s what you should know.

CBD Oil is Not Intoxicating

Your fur baby will not get high from CBD products. THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that causes intoxication, and CBD products contain no THC.

CBD is Used for a Variety of Conditions

The health benefits of CBD are being researched extensively by scientists, and the results hold promise. Pet CBD oil in San Antonio, TX, is still considered an alternative therapy that is used for anxiety, arthritis, cancer treatment, nausea, poor appetite, and many other conditions that affect our furry friends.

Check with Your Veterinarian

If you are not sure if you should give your pet CBD oil from San Antonio, TX, talk with your veterinarian. Discuss why you are interested in trying CBD oil and ask your vet any questions that you have about the products.

Start Small

CBD oil may provide great results with small amounts. If this is your first time giving your pet CBD oil, start with the lowest recommended quantity to see how your pet responds.

Learn More About Pet CBD Oil in San Antonio, TX

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