Cheek Implants Provide You With a Fuller, More Sculpted Appearance

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Health & Medical

The shape and contours of your face play an important role in your appearance. Many factors can affect the look of your face, including genetic factors, aging, stress and other conditions. Cheek implants provide a way to reshape the face for a better appearance that is longer lasting than fillers or other superficial methods. You can clearly see significant improvement in facial shaping and contours from cheek implants before and after images.

Who Can Benefit From Cheek Implants

The passage of years can cause a loss of fullness in the face. In some cases, individuals may have genes that cause sunken cheeks that tend to flatten features and give the face an older look. Medical issues can also cause loss of plumpness and elasticity in the face. For these problems, cheek implants may offer the right solution to restore a fuller, younger and more attractive facial shape.

Cheek Implants Before and After Show Improved Facial Contours

A number of different types of cheek implants are available depending on the patient’s needs. Malar implants are affixed to the point of the cheekbone to provide a more sculpted appearance. Submalar implants are affixed below the cheekbone that fills in gaunt, sunken cheeks. A surgeon may use both types of implants to provide the best results.

Although less well-known than other plastic surgery procedures, cheek implants can offer a significant improvement in facial shape and structure. Contact Adam J. Cohen, MD to discuss the cosmetic surgery options available to you that will help you to achieve your goals.

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