Show Your Support for Someone in an Intervention in Minnesota

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Health & Medical

Sometimes, those who are addicted to substances don’t have the courage or the strength to seek help. This is when an intervention could be beneficial. Here are a few things that you could say during the process to offer encouragement and support to someone you love.

They’re Valuable

During addiction intervention in Minnesota, you want to make sure the person understands that they are valuable. Let them know that there are good things that they have done and that the addiction is a mistake that was made, and that it can be corrected if they receive the help that they need.

You Love Them

Remind the person during an addiction intervention in Minnesota that they are loved. They could simply need to hear that someone is on their side or that they haven’t let others down in their life. Remind the person of the bonds that they have with family and friends and that you will always be there for them throughout the intervention and recovery process. Learn more about what to say at an Intervention.

It Works

Educate yourself about the way that addiction treatment works. If you understand the process from detox to counseling and aftercare, then you can provide more support for the person who is going through the steps. Find out how you can help from a distance as you likely won’t be able to visit the person when they go to a center for treatment until a certain length of time has passed. Let them know that if they trust the process, then there is a greater chance for success.

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