Common Blue Flame Electric Fireplace Mistakes You Must Avoid

A blue flame electric fireplace is widely preferred by consumers over wood-burning and gas fireplaces. This is because the popular electric fireplace with blue flame is more convenient to use and is more energy-efficient than other models. However, there are common mistakes that people make while using these electric fireplaces that can impact the heating performance.

Not Considering the Size

Traditional fireplaces were designed with square and boxy openings and were meant for heat sources rather than having any aesthetic value. The traditional designs seem very bulky for the small rooms and walls of today’s construction. On the other hand, an electric fireplace promises sufficient heating even if the size is small. For this reason, you must choose the size that aligns with the size of walls or rooms.

Incorrect Installation

The electric fireplaces are designed to be installed on the surface, but many people insert them into the wall. This incorrect installation can result in overheating and fire hazards. So, if you choose an electric fireplace, make sure that it’s installed on the wall.

Switching Off the Fireplace in Summer

It’s common for people to switch off the blue flame electric fireplace during summer. This is because people think that these fireplaces keep producing heat. However, an electric fireplace can be used for developing flame without creating heat and warmth. Some fireplaces also allow the users to customize the color of the flame to bring an aesthetic value to the home.

Secondly, switching off an electric appliance for months will probably corrode the internal parts, leading to performance issues. For this reason, you should use the fireplace during summers too, as you can switch off the heating function and just have flames.