Finding A Metalwork Service Provider

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Metal Supplier

For manufacturers, fabricators and custom companies and services, finding a single provider for all metalwork required is both a time and a cost-saving consideration. Working with one provider offers the benefit of reducing the logistics of completing fabrication, prototyping, laser cutting, machining and precision CNC services as well as finishing.

In some situations, the fabricator may subcontract specific services to other specialists within their network. This offers several benefits including knowing the subcontractor has been fully vetted and provides the quality of work to meet the specifications of the fabricator and the customer.

In choosing a fabricator for metalwork projects, there are several important factors to consider. The importance of these factors will be dependent on the specifics of the order.

Experience in Metal Fabrication

In metal fabrication and value-added services, the experience is critical. Understanding the correct equipment, the ideal processes and how to work with the metal to reduce waste, speed up production and provide parts and components to the customer or industry specifications is critical.

Capacity and Capability

Depending on the type of project required, from a bespoke type of custom design and fabrication required to a small to large volume production of parts and components, both capacity and capability will play a factor.

Capacity is the ability to produce the project based on the customer’s timetable and specifications. The equipment, workspace and the ability to produce to the volume required are all essential to consider.

Capability is the technical expertise and experience the company has in metalwork. It is possible to have the capacity to produce custom items but not the expertise and the capability of completing the task.

Finally, the cost will always be a factor. However, it can be a mistake to compare the cost of different service providers before considering the experience, capacity, and capability of the shop.

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