Considerations for Garage Doors in West Bloomfield, MI for Three-Stall and Four-Stall Garages

As a home is being constructed or a detached garage is being built on the property, the property owners must decide on the style of Garage Doors in West Bloomfield, MI. One fundamental decision for a two-stall garage is whether to have a double door or two single doors. Homeowners increasingly have three stalls in the garage, but one three-stall door would be much too large and heavy.

Triple Doors or Double and Single Combination

Now, they must decide on whether to have three separate Garage Doors in West Bloomfield, MI or a double and single combination. A triple door design generally is more expensive to build because of the framework, the extra door and the related equipment, and the extra automatic opening system.

If the property owners really want the triple doors because they don’t like the look of a huge garage door in front of the house, they should carefully consider the width of the stalls. Even if they never expect to park a full-size pickup truck inside, narrow-width stalls detract from the resale possibilities in the future. People normally don’t like to retract their vehicle windows every time they drive into the garage, for example.

Adding a New Stall

Sometimes homeowners decide to add another stall to an existing garage. An installation company such as Tarnow Doors can help them with this type of project as well. It can be very difficult to exactly match the style of the current doors, especially if they are many years old. The homeowners will want to think about a few different options.

One is to replace the old doors and have a matching set. Another is to order a design for the new garage that is remarkably different, yet complementary. That way, nobody will suspect the homeowners were trying to match the other doors, but failed in the attempt.

A third possibility is to order a door of the same style but a significantly different color, but one that does not clash. And yet a fourth option would be to have all the doors painted the same hue. This upgrade to the home, no matter which choice is made, can make a noteworthy aesthetic change.