Fast Bail Bonds in Lakeland Provide an Answer When Cash Bail Is Impossible for the Defendant to Pay

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Being arrested is a scary and upsetting moment, made even worse when the individual and the family cannot afford cash bail set by the court. Fast Bail Bonds in Lakeland provide an alternative. For a service fee, the agency posts a surety bond at the jail, which allows the defendant to be released. Payment plans often are available for that fee, since financially struggling men and women may even have trouble with that cost.

Cash Bail

The sound of the gavel after a judge sets bail far too high for the defendant to pay may seem like the announcement of a prison sentence, even though the defendant has not yet been convicted and has not pleaded guilty. Judges are not supposed to set bail excessively high. However, an amount that is affordable for a person at an upper middle-class level is out of reach for someone earning less than $20,000 per year. An organization such as Zona Long Bail Bonds can help.

Bail Bonds

Fast Bail Bonds in Lakeland essentially require the defendant to pay 10 percent of the cash bail, and the bonding agency covers the remainder. That 10 percent is not refundable, though, unlike cash bail. It pays for the work of the bonding agency, which has agents available at any time people need this service. This includes major holidays.

Clients must also understand that this kind of work is somewhat risky in a financial sense. There is always a chance that the defendant will run away and not appear in court. The court then demands the full cash bail amount from the bonding agency.

Fast Release

People who are struggling financially may feel embarrassed that they cannot afford to pay their bail. It may help them to realize that even wealthy men and women often opt to pay for a bond instead of handing over a huge amount of money to the court. They don’t want to tie up all that cash for several months, and it may be difficult to liquidate enough of their assets quickly. The defendant naturally wants to be released from jail as soon as possible.

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