Defining Assisted Living in Hendersonville NC

If you are looking for an option to the stereotypical retirement home, why not consider assisted living. In Hendersonville NC, this alternative does exist. It is one way the elderly can continue to live independently, enjoying life while ensuring help is available when and if they need it.

What Is Assisted Living?

While assisted living can refer to various forms of help, it is currently applied specifically to assisted living communities. These senior residential dwellings provide services of diverse types to those requiring some assistance but not for every hour of the day. It provides housing for those who are not completely free of health issues but do not need the type of care common to long-term care facilities. It is referred to as person-centered care, providing services based on the needs and requirements of an individual.

The best examples of this form of residential living are holistic. It focuses not on one aspect but the entire person. In doing so it responds to the residents on a personal basis.

What It Offers

This type of Assisted Living In Hendersonville, NC provides elder care on various levels. It provides both physical and mental/emotional support. The basics are as follows:

• Housing
• Health and personal care services when necessary
• Companionship through interaction between residents
• Independence
• Security

These all arise out of a model that recognizes the actual needs of the elderly, supplies them while treating each adult as an individual with specific requirements. They allow seniors to remain independent, recognized individuals. The existence of assisted living in Hendersonville NC offers seniors and their families one more option.