Signs Your Loved One Would Benefit From A Memory Care Facility

Families often have a difficult time assessing the needs of their elderly parents and loved ones. Making the decision to place a parent in a Memory Care Facility In Hendersonville, NC, can be particularly difficult for adult children.

Memory Care Units Offer Positive Experiences

New methods of assisting those with Alzheimer’s and dementia open up a new world of treatment and experience for those in a memory care facility. These specialized units provide the safety, security, routine, and range of different social and physical activities to keep your elderly parents engaged at their ability level.

Important Signs to Note

If you are caring for a parent or loved one in Hendersonville, NC, and are wondering if a memory care facility is the right option, here are some specific factors to consider:

• Challenging behaviors – this can be a sudden change in the behavior of a loved one or sudden withdrawal, isolation, or agitation and irritation.

• Physical health issues – people coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia do not practice good levels of self-care. This can include skipping meals, failing to take medications or taking more than one dose, and failing to maintain good personal hygiene routines. All of these issues can increase the risk of health-related issues.

• Difficulty in managing supervision – a significant challenge for any family is to provide supervision for the loved one. This becomes a safety concern and can lead to significant challenges for the caregiver, even with modifications to the home environment.

If you are concerned about your loved one’s ability to remain at home or with a family member, talk to the professionals at memory care centers.