Factors to Consider When Choosing Materials to Roof Your Building

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Roofing

The rooftop on your business is critical to its comfort and energy efficiency. When it starts to wear out, you could notice that your utility bills start to increase. Your building also can become too hot or too cold, depending on the season.

Rather than pay high utility bills and work in a building that is not comfortable, you can improve its comfort and cost efficiency by putting on a new rooftop. You can accomplish these goals by knowing what materials to invest in for commercial flat roofing today.


Rubber is a common material that is used in commercial flat roofing today. Its primary benefit involves its ability to reflect heat and light. It prevents these elements from coming inside of your building and making the interior hot and uncomfortable.

Rubber also tolerates elements like high winds and hail exceedingly well without showing signs of damage. It retains its shape and condition without succumbing to dents, cracks, and holes.

It is also low cost and readily available. It provides long-lasting use and a good return on your roofing investment.


Cement is another common material used for commercial roofing. It is spread evenly across the top of your building and leveled so that it does not provide slope or bubble.

It likewise is effective at resisting heat and humidity. It tolerates extreme weather conditions well without sustaining costly damages that would call for repairs or a total roof replacement.

Like rubber, cement is also affordable to buy for your building and can last for decades. It works well for flat roofs and can provide the efficiency and performance that you want out of a commercial roof.

You can find out more about commercial flat roofing online. Contact Badger Roofing Inc to request free information or to get price quotes.

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