Changes to Cabinet Doors in Des Moines IA Provide an Affordable Makeover for a Kitchen

New Cabinet Doors in Des Moines IA can provide a makeover for a kitchen without the expense of full cabinetry replacement. The basic design of the cabinetry remains the same, such as whether the structure is framed or frameless. New doors can have quite a different look than the doors they are replacing, however. Not only the doors but the drawer faces must be replaced to keep the features coordinated.

Door Types

Compared with remodeling projects such as the replacement of flooring, countertops, cupboards, and drawers, replacement of just the Cabinet Doors in Des Moines IA is a relatively small project. Nevertheless, it can substantially change the appearance of the room. The homeowners might switch from a flat door to one with beveled edges. They can also choose some doors with glass inserts, allowing them to show off some of their nicer kitchenware.

Color Schemes

In addition, they might change the color scheme by ordering doors painted in a different hue. Doors that are a different color than the frame can create an intriguing update for the room. Seafoam green against off white and slate blue against dark brown are just two possibilities. The hardware for the new doors and drawer fronts can be vastly different than the old features too.

Eliminating Fake Drawers

This is also the chance to turn fake drawers into real ones or eliminate the facade. Drawer fronts added to cabinetry but not connected to real drawers are installed to maintain a consistent look, but they have no real function. They can even be a point of frustration for visitors trying to grab a fork, corkscrew or other kitchen utensils.


Homeowners will want to choose high-quality, long-lasting doors from a supplier such as The Kitchen & Bath Company. Most men and women don’t want to do kitchen remodeling frequently. They select the cabinet doors with the intention of keeping those features for many years to come. They might consider repainting the doors and the rest of the exposed cabinetry at some point in the future, but they want the structure to be sound and durable. Details on one particular supplier can be seen at Sitename.

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