First Appointment: What Can You Expect From the Physical Therapy Clinic in Charleston West Virginia?

There are many reasons people seek treatment from the Physical Therapy Clinic in Charleston West Virginia. From neck treatments to help with shoulder pain, a physical therapist offers great benefits to patients. or those who have never seen a physical therapist, it is important to know what to expect from the first appointment.

What to Expect From the First Appointment

When individuals have never been seen at the Physical Therapy Clinic in Charleston West Virginia, they may not be fully prepared. Knowing what to expect will help ensure patients are prepared to be an active participant in their treatment.

The first appointment with the physical therapist is considered an initial consultation. During this appointment, the patient will fill out a health history that includes past and present health conditions, symptoms, and medications. It is imperative the patient provides as much information as they can, so the physical therapist will be able to draw up a plan of care.

The physical therapist will spend a great time with the patient, talking about their symptoms and when they began. A physical examination will also be carried out to find the pain trigger points, to check joint function, and to determine problems with gait. Specific measures will be taken to ensure the problem is properly diagnosed and the right treatment program is created.

Be Prepared and Comfortable

The first physical therapy appointment will involve a lot of moving around. Patients need to dress comfortably, in clothing that is not binding. Exercise is one of the main tools the physical therapist will use to help their patients overcome pain, heal from injuries, or improve function after a stroke or surgery. The patient will perform exercises in the clinic and at home. It is important the instructions of the physical therapist are followed at all times.

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