Hula in Hawaii: Come Join the Fun

If you have never attended a luau on the main island of Hawaii, you need to schedule one now. Not only do you get to eat traditional island cuisine but you also get to view some great entertainment. Before you schedule this type of event, it never hurts to learn more about specific island dances.

A Long-Held Traditional Dance

For example, the hula in Hawaii has been a long-held traditional dance. This history of the dance is interesting and educational. That is because this type of Hawaiian dance is also a way of life on the main island and the surrounding isles.

A Form of Socialization

Before missionaries arrived on the main island, the hula was part of the normal protocol. The dance was socially enjoyed and included traditional chants and songs. Just like the luau itself, this form of entertainment is deeply ingrained in the islands.

The Origin of the Dance

Many people suggest that the hula originated on the island of Molokai. However, others suggest that the dance was originally performed on Kauai. Regardless of the origin, the missionaries suppressed the dance and Hawaiian music for many years. The dance was outlawed until King David Kalakaua took the throne in 1874. At that time, Hawaiian traditions were once again restored.

Who to Contact Online Today

That is why you need to contact Germaine’s Luau to book a reservation for your Hawaiian vacation. You simply cannot miss a luau and dancing when you visit Hawaii. Doing so will cause you to regret bypassing the experience. In fact, you should add this eating and entertainment adventure to your bucket list. Before you make a reservation, again, research the dance online.

You will find that the Hawaiian dancing of this type comes in two versions. People either learn the traditional version or the more modern style. Modern versions of the dance are accompanied by Hawaiian instruments such as the guitar or ukulele.