From Moving Around to Changing Routines to Help With Neck Pain

When you experience severe neck pain, it can often make it difficult to turn your head or even move your head up and down. Most of the time, this type of pain goes away on its own after a few days and is usually because of a pulled muscle. If it continues, then you should consider visiting a doctor who can treat neck pain in Jacksonville or try a few ideas that aren’t used as often as a heating pad or medications.


Neck pain sometimes occurs because of muscle strain. One way that you can prevent this from happening too often is to stay hydrated during the day. Try to drink at least three or four glasses of water. This will help to keep the discs in your neck at their proper height while also giving your spine the proper alignment that it needs.

Talking on the Phone

Instead of cradling your phone between your neck and your ear so that your neck is tilted, hold your phone to your ear with your hand. This will take some of the pressure off your neck while allowing you to still hear the person you’re talking to and perform tasks with your other hand if needed.


Try to move around as much as possible, especially moving your neck from side to side and up and down. This simple movement can keep your muscles from getting too tight, which can then result in not being able to move your neck as easily and being in pain. A doctor who can treat neck pain in Jacksonville can often refer you to a physical therapist who can show you the proper ways to move without causing injuries. An option for moving around would be to sit in a swimming pool with the water up to your neck as the water can take some of the pressure off your muscles.

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