Organizing Your Deli Case to Make Serving Foods to Customers Easier

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

If you sell various meats, cheeses, and foods that are made with fresh ingredients, then you should consider investing in a display case so that these items stay fresh as long as possible. Since most deli cases in Boise, ID, stores and restaurants are clear, it’s easier for customers to see what you have to offer instead of placing an order and not knowing the condition of what they are going to get. The following are a few tips about how you can organize the shelves based on what you’re selling and what you want to feature.

Lower Shelves

The shelves that are at the bottom of the case should be reserved for the meats that you cut slices from as most customers want to see the sandwiches and containers to prepared foods that you sell anyway. Meat stored on the bottom shelves also prevents contamination to other foods when you slice pieces from a larger cut of meat. It’s also easier to remove the leftover pieces and the wrapping by sliding the bottom tray from the case instead of lifting the meat and moving it over other foods.

Create Space

If you sell a variety of fresh items, such as sandwiches or salads, then you need to separate them into their own areas. A benefit of deli cases in Boise, ID, stores is that many of them have trays that you can use to place each type of item with the trays easily keeping the foods separate from each other. When the amount of one type of food begins to decrease, all you have to do is remove the tray and refill it with new items. Try to keep about 3 inches of space between each row or section of foods so that they don’t touch each other in the display case.

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