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Having a solid roofing system is necessary to protect interior assets and a home’s walls and flooring. Unfortunately, outdoor weather elements can pass through a defective roofing system and damage or ruin these elements. To enhance the quality of a home and increase the visual appeal of a home, it’s beneficial to have a residential roof replacement in Fort Collins CO when a roofing system is beyond repair. The following tips can assist a homeowner with preparation for this job.

Protect Belongings in the Attic

Because the installation of a roofing system often involves pounding, it’s easy for small debris to fall through small attic spaces. This material can damage sensitive items or simply make them hard to clean. Remove assets fragile or sensitive in nature when possible. Other belongings can be covered with large tarps or blankets. Fragile, hard-to-move items should have extra protection covering them to safeguard against breakage.

Remove Wall Ornamentation

Wall decorations such as pictures or ornamental items should be removed when possible. These household objects can fall and break from the banging and pounding that can produce strong vibrations. When wall ornamentation can’t be removed, try to bolt it down with extra fasteners. Light fixtures can also be removed to save them from damage.

Help with Dust Containment

Dust containment is a major part of a residential roof replacement. While this responsibility typically falls with the roofing company, a homeowner can perform tasks to help keep dust outside the home. Place sticky mats in the entryways the roofers will be using. Also, it’s prudent to have lay a pathway of heavy, plastic mats for the movers to walk on during a roofing installation inside the home. Make sure the steps for dust containment are clearly outlined in the contract with the roofing company.

The above-mentioned suggestions are just a few handy tips a homeowner can implement to help the roofers. Performing these actions will also help forge a mutually beneficial relationship with the roofers and help protect assets. For information on roofing services, please contact CCG Roofing & Project Management The roofing specialists at this company offer residential services in addition to commercial services, siding and slate roofing.

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