Legal CBD Products in Spokane That You Can Give to Kids Without Reprisal

by | Jan 25, 2022 | CBD Products

CBD sometimes gets a bad rap, especially if parents want to give these products to their children. Here in Spokane, WA, you should know that there are legal CBD products you can buy from marijuana dispensaries that are perfectly safe to give kids. You should also know that these products have multiple benefits for children as well as adults. Explore CBD products in Spokane and discover all the legal ways in which you can help your children with these products.


As long as you are not buying CBD products with THC in them, you can give these products to your children. Non-THC CBD is being used by parents everywhere for multiple medical reasons and with excellent results. If you’re really still concerned about the CBD products, get your child’s pediatrician to write a prescription for what is typically categorized as herbal supplements.

Benefits of CBD for Kids

The benefits of CBD for kids are numerous. Parents who have special needs children, particularly kiddos that can’t and won’t sleep, or kids with autism and ADHD, find that CBD products are ten times safer than pharmaceuticals and ten times more effective at calming their kids. Children don’t have as many physical complaints or discomforts and are not resistant to taking a few drops of CBD or chewing a single gummy. Kids who have been on pharmaceuticals for years are weaned off entirely when they start CBD products. If you would like to try CBD products in Spokane WA, contact The Green Nugget via

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