Has Your Pet Ingested a Poison?

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Animal Hospital

If your pet is ill, then you need emergency care for the animal. There is a veterinary hospital in Bucktown, Ill., where you can bring your dog or cat as soon as possible for an examination. A listless or dizzy pet may have a serious medical problem that requires immediate attention. Cats and dogs can ingest poisons accidentally or an animal might consume a foreign substance. At a hospital for animals, your pet can have an X-ray taken of its digestive tract, and the veterinarians can also collect blood samples.

Has Your Pet Been Hit by a Vehicle?

When your beloved pet runs into the street and is hit by a vehicle, you need emergency treatment for your pet. Approach your dog or cat carefully because a hurt animal may bite. Use a blanket to carry your pet to the back seat of an automobile. If you can have someone else drive, then you can focus on your pet to ensure that it doesn’t choke on its own vomit along with making sure that you prevent excessive bleeding. Use your smartphone to contact a veterinary hospital in Bucktown to tell the receptionist that you are arriving.

Is Your Pet Having Pregnancy Complications?

If your female cat or dog is pregnant, then the animal may have complications during the delivery. This may occur for a variety of reasons, including a very young or an older animal. In addition, your pet may have extremely large puppies or kittens, making it impossible to give birth normally. These problems cause distress for your pet and the puppies or kittens, so you need to bring the animal to a veterinary hospital in Bucktown as quickly as possible. Contact Village West Veterinary today at our website located at https://www.villagewestvet.com/.

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