Three Essential Pet Vaccinations in Chicago for Your Dog or Cat

If you care about your dog or cat, you’ll want to make sure that your pet receives the proper vaccinations to ensure optimal health. Many of these vaccinations can safeguard your pet against certain illnesses and diseases for the long term. Here are three of the most important pet vaccinations in Chicago that your dog or cat should get.


Rabies can spread to your dog or cat through bites from other animals, and getting the rabies vaccine can keep your pet from getting this deadly disease. After getting the recommended number of vaccination shots, annual booster shots are usually recommended.


Sometimes referred to as “kennel cough,” Bordetella isn’t usually fatal in adult pets but may be a serious problem for puppies and kittens. Cats should receive the vaccine for this condition in two doses that are spaced one year apart with subsequent booster shots annually. Dogs can get the vaccine in one dose orally or nasally or in two doses through vaccine shots. Dogs that are in high-risk environments regularly should also receive booster shots every six to twelve months.


Giardia is an intestinal parasite that can affect both cats and dogs and cause frequent diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. Even though the vaccine for this condition isn’t considered to be a core vaccine, you may still want to ask your veterinarian about it to find out if your pet needs it and how much of the vaccine that your pet should receive.

Having these vaccinations administered to your pet can prevent many serious health conditions. To schedule an appointment for your pet to receive these and other vaccines, visit website to learn more about what Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic offers.