Hiring Professional Mold Remediation Services Is Critical

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Home Improvement Services

A quick search online will provide homeowners in Asheville, NC, with thousands of websites that provide what they claim to be do-it-yourself mold elimination or remediation options. Many of these are combinations of bleach, vinegar, and a variety of essential oils.

While it is possible to treat small areas of mold with these types of homemade solutions, hiring professional mold remediation services is the only answer for significant mold problems.

The Problem with Wet Solutions

Most do-it-yourself solutions and some professional mold remediation services use sprays that add water to the surface. This not only requires additional time to dry, but it may take days or weeks to kill the mold and spores effectively. In addition, if the solution is not strong enough, the added moisture helps the mold to grow and spread.

The other issue with sprays of any type is the ability to treat the entire area. A wet spray kills mold on contact, which means any areas that are not sprayed will continue to support mold growth. Dry fog mold remediation solutions move through the air and treats the entire home, including in heating and ventilation ducts, the HVAC system, and on all surfaces throughout the home or business.

Safety Considerations

Bleach, over-the-counter spray treatments, and even some essential oils are all potentially dangerous to children, pets, or those with respiratory problems. In addition, harsh chemicals can discolor or damage surfaces in your home.

Choosing professional Mold Remediation Services In Asheville, NC using dry fog technology eliminates all of these issues and still provides a very cost-effective treatment option for Asheville, NC, homes and businesses.

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