How Does Bead Blasting Aluminum Work and What Are the Benefits?

Bead blasting aluminum creates a smooth finish that’s hard to match. Usually, when working with machined aluminum, it has tons of swirls. They may resemble lines and bubbles, too. If you’re trying to create a smooth finish, bead blasting aluminum is the way to go.

How Does Bead Blasting Work?

At its core, bead blasting is similar to pressure washing in concept. A pressurized stream shoots out of a nozzle, impacting the workpiece’s surface. The friction created by this blast is what changes the piece’s appearance. By using glass beads, a ton of friction generates when blasting aluminum. As a result, any abnormalities quickly disappear after exposing them to it. Most facilities use large machines to handle their blasting process. When something enters, they’ll begin blasting them with highly-pressurized glass.

What Are the Benefits of Bead Blasting?

Compared to other finishes, bead blasting has a much smoother look. If your aluminum has a textured surface, this technique would improve its appearance. Instead of having lots of lines, it would look as if it were completely uniform. This is great when you’re producing aluminum products with an aesthetic application. Bead blasting is a cost-effective finishing option. Plus, it’s much faster to process aluminum parts like this instead of doing it by hand. If you’re producing machine parts, they will have tight tolerances, too. So, it’s useful in the automotive industry when manufacturing new parts.