Why Does Your Organization Need to Use an ASME Heat Exchanger?

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Quality ASME heat exchangers follow standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. If you’re building anything, it must have a compliant heat exchanger. That’s why the standards set by the ASME are important to understand when making stuff. This way, your products will meet their specifications and be compliant.

What Does an ASME Heat Exchanger Do?

At its core, a heat exchanger permits the transfer of thermal energy. However, it prevents gas from leaking through the membrane along with thermal energy. So, they’re vital if you’re designing furnaces, for example. Otherwise, gas particles would make it into the ventilation whenever it’s running. They’re found in a variety of industries and applications. Plus, if an inspector has to examine your facility, they’re not going to find anything amiss.

Waste Heat Recovery

If you’re operating an industrial plant, one of the biggest products you produce is waste heat. That’s the case with nearly any industrial process today. You don’t have to let all the waste heat go without recovering any. Putting a heat exchanger in the right place would let you recover some of it. This way, you can capture and recycle it back into the system. This limits how much CO2 you’re emitting by running the plant as well. It can help decrease your company’s environmental impact while cutting costs. That’s why so many companies have put them into their production lines. By recapturing waste heat, it’s made them become more economical.

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