How Prism Film Keeps Indoor Plants Fresh

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Business

If you think about it, having a Prism window film can be an ideal solution for maintaining privacy and increasing the appeal of the interiors. When one considers the benefits of prism film in blocking UV rays and providing privacy, the question arises, can plants thrive when there are window tints?

Well, they actually can and help keep them fresh for a longer time as well. In case you are thinking about investing in a prism film for your house or commercial space, you can easily do so without worrying about your indoor plants. It comes with a few properties that allow them to thrive and grow.

Control Flow of Light

By using the prism film, the plants can easily survive. Although they block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, they don’t block the blue and red light rays that plants need to thrive and grow.

The darker the leaves of an indoor plant, the less light it needs. A window tint will help control the temperature in a house or commercial space, so some plants might respond well in that environment. Window tints allow water to be retained in the soil, which means your plants require less water.

Protect Your Plants From Dying

Window tints might affect the growth of new plants or flowers, especially when they are positioned near windows where they get plenty of sunlight. A prism film can make it easier to adjust the sunlight and temperature inside a room. This could actually help the indoor plants thrive and even grow at a faster rate.

However, you need to research specific plants that require less sunlight to thrive and invest in the ones that can survive with the window films.

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