Tips for Buying a High Cervix Menstrual Cup

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Business

For most of us, buying a pair of pants that don’t fit is a painful and uncomfortable experience. Now imagine buying a menstrual cup that doesn’t fit. Simply saying ouch doesn’t fit, the pain and agony you experience are indescribable, which is why it’s important to know if you require a high cervix menstrual cup. Knowing how long or short your vaginal canal is will help you determine which menstruation cup to get based on your needs.

Determining the Height of Your Cervix

When trying to figure out which menstruation cup would work best for you, you must first figure out how high your cervix is. This will tell you how long of a cup to get. A donut-shaped entrance into the uterus may be felt near the top of the vaginal canal, where the cervix is located.

Insert one finger inside the vagina to get an accurate reading. The cervix is low if you can feel it at your first knuckle. If you can feel your cervix at your second knuckle, you have an average cervix. If you can’t feel it at either knuckle, you have a high cervix. For those with a high cervix, it’s best to purchase a high cervix menstrual cup.

Picking Out a Cup for a High Cervix

The length of the cup you use will depend on the height of your cervix and your personal choice. The best cup for high cervix is a longer cup because it is simpler to remove and has a higher capacity. A shorter cup can also be used, but you’ll have to exert more of your pelvic floor muscles to get it out.

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