How Smoking Impacts the Success Rate of Your Dental Implants from Elk Grove

The dental implants from Elk Grove Village dentists need a lot of maintenance. This maintenance isn’t a result of poorly inserted implants. Rather, it’s the result of caring for your gums, which have the hefty job of holding onto your implants. Smoking can ruin the success rate of your implants, which is why you should decrease your risk of implant failure by quitting smoking.

How Smoking Causes Implant Failure

People who smoke develop a lot of oral hygiene and oral health problems, including advanced periodontal disease and cancer. Gum cancer and bone cancer become risks with smoking and implants. Infection in the gum tissue just after the initial implant procedure is also a major possibility with smoking. Decrease your risk of implant failure by quitting smoking several weeks ahead of your implant procedure.

Gum Tissue Needs Time to Heal and Grow Over the Bases of the Implants

Gum tissue is living tissue. It assimilates the implants by growing over the abutment screws and bases of the implants themselves. This is what gives your implants the flawless look of real teeth when they are not real at all. Smoking slows the healing process, causes infections and prevents the proper growth of the tissues that ordinarily cover the telltale marks of implants. Quitting smoking helps your body heal faster and produces healthier gum tissue that can assimilate the implants as expected.

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