How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida For Seasonal Residents

Florida is known as a place to travel to when the winter cold sets in the northern part of the United States. These people, affectionately known as snowbirds, often spend several months in and around the Dayton Beach, FL, area and across the state.

This creates a problem for these individuals, particularly if they have a medical marijuana card from another state. As it is illegal to transport medical marijuana across state lines, they are not allowed to bring their medical marijuana with them. To address this issue, Florida allows seasonal residents of the state to have access to medical marijuana, providing they meet specific criteria for the medical card.

Seasonal Residency Proof

Seasonal residents must show proof of being in the state for at least 31 consecutive days before they can receive a medical card in Daytona Beach, FL. This includes showing a deed for a Florida property, a lease agreement, or other documents that prove you are staying in the state.

See a Florida-Approved MMJ Doctor

As with any patient in Daytona Beach, FL, seasonal residents must meet with a state-approved medical marijuana doctor. This may be completed in person at the MMJ doctor’s office or through a telemedicine appointment.

Seasonal residents should bring or be able to access their patient records with information on current qualifying medical and psychological conditions. It is important to note that various states have different qualifying medical and psychological conditions, and patients should consider completing a quick, online pre-qualifying exam before booking an appointment.

Once the appointment is complete and the medical marijuana makes a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana, the patient can complete the required payment to the state registry to obtain their Florida medical card.