Where Can Everyone Find a Deal on a 4 Bedroom Apartments in Greensboro, NC

by | May 12, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Would you like some help finding 4-bedroom apartments in Greensboro, NC, or have you discovered a few? If not, you’ll love what the builders have done around the area, saying something.

4 Bedroom Apartments in Greensboro, NC

Pick from a 4-bed unit or a 3-bed one, and then you can move in whenever it’s convenient. Going to school at the University of North Caroline at Greensboro hasn’t been this fun since it was built. Now, you can live in the lap of luxury, swim around the pool, and squeeze in some studying without leaving home.

Available Private Bathrooms

Sometimes, people don’t mind sharing, especially if they grew up with siblings. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to share unless it’s something you’d like to do, so get a private bath.

Optional Furniture Packages

Maybe, you’ve already maxed out your student aid on tuition, books, and gas. Look at the optional furnishings package instead of piling on a ton of debt to buy enough furniture.

Walking Distance to Retail, Restaurants, and More

Once you’ve studied for the exam, you can head down to the store and grab a bite to eat. Plus, it’s close enough that you don’t need a car, and that’s great for the avid walker.

Pet-Friendly Complex

Leaving your parents back home was hard but leaving your pets might be even harder. So, sign up for a space at a pet-friendly complex, and you can bring them along for the journey.

West Quad manages student housing near the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Visit them at their website at https://live-westquad.com/.

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