How to Protect Your Garage in Ft. Meyers Florida from a Hurricane

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Window

As a Florida resident, it’s important that you take protective measures from hurricanes. Your garage shouldn’t be left out from that protection. Here are a few ways you can protect your garage.

1. Hurricane Garage Doors

One method that you should utilize is to have hurricane shutters in Ft. Myers, FL, installed. These shutters are built to help your garage stay safe from high impact wind and rain. Considering that you likely house quite a few valuables inside of your garage, you need hurricane garage doors that can stand up against the wind and rain.

2. Hurricane Windows

Along with the right kind of garage door, you should also have hurricane-proof windows installed. If your garage has windows in it, then they should be replaced with hurricane-proof versions. These models don’t shatter upon impact and can stand up to a lot of pressure and wind. The last thing you need to experience is having your windows shatter and break everything inside of the garage. Or, at the very worst, allow debris to fly in through the shattered windows and damage your property.

Make Your Garage Hurricane-Proof

Every element of your home should be protected against hurricanes. When you need hurricane shutters in Ft. Myers, FL, call Southwood Garage Doors & Screens. We’ll work hard to ensure that your garage can make it.

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