It May be Time for Gutter Repair in Upper Arlington OH

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Roofing

Gutters provide a valuable service by funneling water away from a roof. They also prevent water from puddling around a building’s foundation. As long as water flows freely through the trough, the gutters can efficiently do their job. However, when a clog develops, water can overflow the sides of the trough, causing damage to the areas that it is designed to protect. Gutter repair in Upper Arlington OH can correct gutter issues or install new ones to get the water flowing freely through the system once again.


There are two kinds of gutters, sectional gutters (sometimes referred to as regular gutters) and seamless ones. Sectional gutters have seams where the pieces connect together. Screws and silicone are used to hold the sections firmly in place and to make the entire gutter watertight. With seamless gutters, the trough is one long continuous piece. Seamless gutters must be custom made for a perfect fit and only have seams at the corners and where the trough meets up with the downspout.

Gutter Problems

Gutters require maintenance from time-to-time and should be cleaned out at least once a year. Since dirt, debris, and leaves can build up inside of a trough and downspout, water may be unable to flow through the gutters if a blockage restricts the flow. If water is unable to go down and away from the property, it may spill over the trough and push up the roofing material, causing damage to the roof and the substructure below it. Heavily clogged gutters can lead to the gutters pulling away from the roof which could also result in structural damage.

Gutter Cleaning

In order to remove a blockage from a gutter, the debris should be scooped out carefully to avoid breaking the silicone seal at the seams. Once the trough is clear, the downspout should have water flushed through it to push out any residue that’s still inside. If a clog is firmly positioned in the downspout, it may require a high-pressure water hose to push the blockage through. After a clog has been removed and everything has been cleaned out, the seals and screws should be inspected to ensure that the gutter is watertight and functional.

Gutter repair in Upper Arlington OH should include a thorough cleaning for proper water flow. For information or assistance regarding gutters, please contact us.

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