Types of Materials for Which Residents Can Schedule Pickup Service to Recycle Waste in San Antonio TX

Residents of the San Antonio area may decide to hire one of the largest waste removal companies for their weekly pickup of trash. These companies also provide large containers so customers can Recycle Waste in San Antonio TX, although pickup may be less frequent than it is for trash. The standard materials can go in these containers, such as approved types of plastic, paper and cardboard, glass and aluminum.

Considerations About Aluminum Prices

Many people are in the habit of saving aluminum cans to bring to a recycling facility for cash. They may want to exclude those from the containers to Recycle Waste in San Antonio TX. However, with the market price of aluminum quite low, they may have become frustrated with the number of cans they need to haul just to make a few bucks. It begins to seem pointless to spend time and gas on going to a center only to receive a couple of dollar bills in return.

Effects on Consumers

Commodity analysts seem unclear as to why the price of this metal is relatively low when demand remains high. They offer several possible reasons for the situation that is making it tough on consumers who like to have that petty cash. Sometimes collecting cans is a way for kids to earn spending money, for example. Some charitable organizations ask for donations of cans as well.

Effects on Residential Recycling Services

The low price also affects companies that provide residential recycling service, as they count on getting a certain amount of aluminum for profit. Not everyone is inspired to save the cans for cash, even when the price is relatively high. Yet aluminum normally accounts for a relatively small amount of municipal recycling pickup. Mixed paper tends to account for the highest percentage, with plastic coming in second.

Companies like Tiger Sanitation accept aluminum when their customers aren’t motivated to save piles of cans in the garage. Lists of acceptable materials are provided to new customers so nobody makes mistakes by putting things in the container that the company has a difficult time recycling. Information on residential trash and recycling pickup can be found at the website website.com. You can also connect them on Facebook.