Learning About Concrete Dumpster Rental Service in Camden County for Heavy Materials

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Lawn Care Service

Residential demolition projects generally require a special kind of Dumpster Rental Service in Camden County because the materials are so heavy, especially when loaded into a big container. Removing a concrete driveway, for instance, is a substantially different type of project than cleaning out a basement full of old magazines, newspapers, broken toys and small appliances that no longer work.


This type of Dumpster Rental Service in Camden County is useful for a wide range of projects, and not only for concrete. Of course, the dumpster can be used during concrete patio demolition or removal of a private sidewalk on the property. Other types of pavement to be demolished also can go in the container. Asphalt, brick, and stone pavers are common materials used for driveways, private roads, and pathways.

Landscaping Rock

These companies will haul away rock as well. A large number of big, flat rocks may have been used for a retaining wall that the property owner wants to replace, for example. These rocks also are commonly placed in landscaping, such as to surround flower gardens or make rustic paths for large vegetable gardens. Homeowners may have used boulders as decorative features to line a driveway and may now want those removed.

Roofing, Porches, and Decks

Heavy materials also are associated with other kinds of demolition and home improvement on residential property. Tearing off an old roof made of asphalt shingles is an example. Some homeowners want to remove an old, sagging front porch or a deteriorated wood deck in the back. They’ll want to call and get estimates for a Concrete Dumpster Rental and find out the size of container that is suitable for their particular project.


In some instances, one container is not enough if the project must move along swiftly. Ten tons of broken pavement can accumulate quickly in a container with that weight limit. If there is enough room, two dumpsters might be ordered from a contractor such as Artistic Materials. They will typically need to be placed on a paved area unless there is very solid ground available that this level of weight will not sink into.

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