Maryland’s Infiniti Mobile Offers Government Support and Lifeline Phone Service

With restrictions on travel and many social settings, the telephone has become more of a social connector than before. Today, there is a Lifeline Program available to those who cannot afford to purchase cell phones for which there is a need. Qualifying households that provide proof of eligibility can receive discounted or even free telephones with the service. As part of the Universal Service Fund, Lifeline is offered to low-income consumers in all American states, territories, commonwealth and Tribal lands. Infiniti Mobile provides free, unlimited broadband and mobile service by combining the Maryland Lifeline Program with the Emergency Broadband Program.

To be eligible, recipients must be 18 or older; they must be on public assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, the supplemental nutrition assistance program and other public assistance programs. Another essential factor is household income. If applicants qualify, they will be given a free smartphone with free monthly texts, voice minutes and texts. No agreements or contracts are required.

How to Apply for the Lifeline Program?
Those who wish to apply for the Maryland Lifeline Program can access a database indicating whether a person is eligible. Applicants can complete the process in minutes. If the person is suitable for the program, the individual will receive a smartphone via mail and obtain the free service once having made the first call. So, recipients should make their first call as quickly as they can.

To save the promo code to one’s application, it is important to not close the application after beginning it. Start the application through the link, which will attach the promo code, and then go all the way through the application to the end. Contact Infiniti Mobile at