Easy Ways to Boost a Cell Phone Signal Anywhere in the Vermont

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Phone service provider

If your cell phone’s signal is weak, you may be able to improve it. Use this guide and discover effective ways to strength a signal.

Step Outside
Man-made structures can interfere with a good cell phone signal. If your home has any of the following materials, try stepping outside.

• Masonry
• Drywall
• Concrete
• Coated glass

Electrical wiring, thick insulation, vinyl siding, and stucco can interfere with a cellular signal too.


If you’re unable to go outside, you could probably get a better signal in specific parts of your home. A cellular signal is usually stronger upstairs by a big window in a two-story home.

You’ll get the best signal if you’re not too far from the cell phone tower. To locate the closest one in your area, use a cell tower locator app.

If your phone has a field test mode, run it as well. It will help you find the strongest signal.

Review the Phone’s Performance Capabilities

The phone’s hardware could be the problem. To be thorough, you must conduct a performance test. First, check the state of the battery. If it’s defective, you’ll get a weak signal. Then, ensure that your phone has the latest software updates.

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