Medical Information to Disclose to Your Dentist Before Undergoing Treatment

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Dental Care

It can be easy for many people to forget that dentists are actually medical doctors. They go through the same amount of medical training as other physicians. They go through and graduate from a medical school like any other doctor.

Because they are trained and experienced doctors, dentists can take special precautions when treating patients who suffer from underlying health concerns. When you make the first appointment with your dentist in Fonthill, you should be prepared to disclose all of your medical history for the safety and effectiveness of your dental care.

Heart and Blood Conditions

If you have any health conditions relating to your heart or blood, you need to tell this to your dentist in Fonthill. Conditions that can impact your dental treatment include high blood pressure, heart disease, HIV or AIDS, hemophilia, and anemia. You also need to disclose whether or not you are diabetic.

Once your dentist knows about these conditions, he or she can take special precautions in treating you. If you are diabetic or hemophiliac, for example, your dentist may use special care to avoid bleeding or injuries to your gum.

You also should tell your dentist about any medications that you take on a regular basis. This disclosure includes medications that you can buy over-the-counter.

Mental Health Concerns

Your dentist also needs to know if you have any conditions that affect your mental health. If you have anxiety, depression, or panic disorder, for example, you could be given sedatives prior to your treatment to keep you calm.

Some medications that you take for these health concerns also can negatively interact with dental medicines. Your dentist might avoid giving you a powerful sedative if you take medication already to keep your nerves calm.

Disclosing your medical information is critical to your dental care. Your dentist is a medical doctor who can tailor your treatment based on your overall health.

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