Recognizing The Need To Call Sarasota, FL Leak Detection Services

As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, it is easy to detect when some system in the home or business is failing. For example, if there are constant power outages and tripped breakers, calling in an electrician is a logical first step.

Unfortunately, both water mains bringing fresh water into the house and sewer lines taking wastewater away are hidden through the slab and under the ground on the Sarasota, FL property. When these systems start to fail, it may be weeks, months, or even years before the leak is detected. Often, not realizing the signs of leaks in the water lines into and away from the property results in costly delays in calling in a leak detection service.

Surface Water

The most obvious signs of a leak in the intake line to the home or business or in the sewer line away from the home is visible water or wet, muddy areas on the surface of the ground. This may include lush grass and vegetation growth in these areas, which may spread out from the actual pipe to include the surrounding landscape. Sometimes, this type of growth is assumed to be due to a lower area, and it can often be masked in wet weather.

Higher Water Bills

Other than visible water on the surface of the ground, the most common reason for homeowners in the Sarasota, FL area to call a leak detection service in Sarasota, FL is an increase in the water bill. However, often a slight increase in the bill is not noticed, which may allow a leak to cost homeowners or commercial property owners for months before it becomes significant enough to trigger a call to the professionals.

Monitoring water bills and calling in a leak detection company if the bill increases without any offsetting increase in water use is an easy way to limit the cost and the impact of these types of problems.