Metal Rolling Might Have Changed How Parts Are Made in Norfolk, NR

Would your company like to find somewhere that offers metal rolling services? If you’re manufacturing custom parts, rolling is an essential service. Since it’s a cost-effective way to build material, it makes a huge difference.

What Is Metal Rolling?

If you have a thick piece of metal, it may be difficult to do much with it. As such, passing sheet metal through a pair of rollers can be helpful. By running the metal stock through there, its thickness is reduced. So, you can use it on other applications if needed.

Hot vs. Cold Rolling

Raising the metal’s temp above its recrystallization point can help. That’s what’s done during hot rolling. Typically, this is done to produce sheet metal and simple parts, such as tracks. Cold rolling does not raise the metal’s temperature much, but it still reforms its shape. By forming it beneath its recrystallization temp, the metal strengthens. Sometimes, it can make the final product up to 20% stronger. As long as the cross-section is relatively uniform, cold rolling can be done to make many shapes.

Roll Bending

Bending would be useful if you’re trying to make a cylinder out of sheet metal. Plus, you can use it to make cylinders out of plate metal.

Roll Forming

When making a corner, forming is usually necessary. So, you’ll find many factories where this is part of the production process.

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