Lab Grown Diamonds For Engagement Rings

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Jewelry

Since they were first introduced on the market, people have been wondering whether or not lab grown diamonds are as good as real diamonds. It is not surprising that the most adorned engagement rings of the past century have been made with mined diamonds. However, this does not at all mean that mined diamonds are superior to lab diamonds. In fact, diamonds grown in a lab are equal to mined diamonds in appearance, durability, and quality.

Although mined diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings, that does not automatically make them better. As a matter of fact, more and more customers today are choosing lab grown diamonds because they are more socially and environmentally conscious. Therefore, mined diamonds are actually becoming less popular.

The Cost Difference

While lab diamonds sparkle just as brightly as mined diamonds, they cost only a fraction of the price. When you choose an engagement ring with lab grown diamonds, you are going to save a considerable amount of money. This means you will have more money for other things, such as your dream honeymoon, a down payment on a new home, or a fantasy wedding.


In a side-by-side comparison, it is not possible to tell the difference between a real diamond and a lab diamond. Special tools are required to determine which is a mined diamond and which was grown in a lab.

In order to verify that a diamond is lab grown, you will need to look at the grading report. Not only does this report specify that the diamond was grown in a lab, but it also indicates the grade on cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight. Best of all the report will give you peace of mind regarding the quality of your diamond.

Lab Grown Shine

As mentioned previously, lab grown diamonds shine just as brightly as mined diamonds. This is possible because they have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties. Neither lab diamonds nor natural diamonds cloud over time. Because they are made from crystallized carbon, lab grown diamonds test positive on a diamond tester. Lab diamonds and mined diamonds are equal in strength, durability, and hardness.

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